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To Enumerate

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One of the impressive young translators with which we were blessed is Tim.  Your scribe was given the responsibility of greeting/crowd control, but that quickly devolved into supporting Tim; organizing numbered tags given to patients, providing rates of flow that each of the departments were seeing patients, and gathering information so he would know how many more patients could be seen.  He had an immense responsibility in keeping track of the intake numbers for each category of service as well as keeping the crowd orderly and he fulfilled his tasks perfectly, in spite of some criticism from those who could not be seen.  He is one of the young men who represents a bright future for Cambodia; he helps support his family while studying for a Master’s degree.  After he completes that Master’s degree, he plans to pursue a second.

All of that is a lengthy introduction to the chart of the number of patients seen as shown below.  He was the only person who kept track of how many people were seen in each department and what the totals were for each day.


Here, Tim is adding up the numbers for the day.  He kept a running tally throughout each day, so, at any moment, he could tell your scribe how many people had been seen in each department.


Click on the photo to enlarge it.

The grand total of people seen is 1,299 over the four-and-a-half days.  (It is conservatively estimated that over three hundred were turned away because of time constraints.)  Consider that number of 1,299.  It is a big number.  It means not only that our band of ordinary people worked exceptionally well together as a team, but also that God was watching over us and energizing us, as well as empowering us to show love to each person.  Consider that number in another way: we witnessed a lot of human suffering.  Some people came in with conditions that were heart-breaking and some of those couldn’t be treated.  The heart is heavy with compassion for those that are still suffering.

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