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Reflections From Kaylene Suyematsu


The photo on the left was taken at the World Vision village school.  Kaylene is in the middle of the bottom row.  The photo on the right was taken at the World Vision youth group.  Kaylene is pointing to a student who is wearing a t-shirt that said, “Seattle Southwest University.”  It sounds impressive, but no such institution exists.


The left photo shows Kaylene with her sponsored child, the child’s aunt, and the child’s grandmother.  On the right, another sponsored child and family departing on their moto.

Reflection from Kaylene Suyematsu

After returning home from our medical mission, I reflect and praise God for the amazing opportunity I have had during these past 2 weeks.  As I soaked in the beauty of the endless miles of green fields of rice and the fascinating jagged mountain ranges, experienced the different sights, sounds, smells, and taste of their culture, I was touched by many curious and welcoming people we met along the way.

From the stories of International Justice Mission and World Vision workers who left the comforts of their home to serve in Cambodia and what they are doing, meeting local community leaders whose loyalties are to help improve and enable their communities for the better with the help of WV, hearing testimonies from teenagers at a local church, visiting with children at a small village school, meeting and playing with the children at the Mishler’s orphanage, to caring/praying for the villagers at the clinic, praying with a new believer at the International Church we worshipped with in Battambang, to meeting, playing, and praying with my sponsor child, Seila, and her family…and even getting a short ride with her 19-year old Aunt on her “Moto” (motorcycle)…it all has left me with a lasting impression and clarity on how I can continue to pray for them.

Not only was it a daily blessing to travel with such an encouraging group of people whose hearts were to love, serve, and glorify our Lord Jesus, but I was also so blessed to meet other brother and sisters in Christ within our group of translators.  Not only did they all work tirelessly to help us communicate to the locals, but they also blessed us with their boldness to speak and sing about their faith in Jesus. To have been able to meet, eat, travel, serve, pray, and worship together was incredible and uplifting.  I pray the Lord will continue to encourage them in their faith so that they will continue to shine God’s light wherever they go.

My thoughts and prayers will also be for God provision for the Mishler’s “On the Frontline Ministries” so that they will be able to contact and reach out to those that accepted Christ during our clinic days.  That God will use their ministry to water the seeds that were planted in their hearts, so that the people will have a way to grow in their understanding and love for Him.

Thank you all who supported our team, whether financially, and/or in thoughts and prayers, you were all a valuable part of our team!  God bless you all!!

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