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Reflections From John and Shari Mayeno


John, in the white shirt, treating a patient.                Shari, on the right, working in Intake, taking vitals and information.

Fog and clouds, crisp, cool air, yellow leaves flutter on the branches of deciduous trees and in our hotel room one feels safe drinking water from the tap and the toilet is equipped with all sorts of options and gizmos and too many buttons to figure out at one sitting…  This is Seoul, Korea our last (12 hour) layover before flying back to Seattle. Quite a contrast to the  electrical power outages, sketchy wi-fi, unsafe water, squatty potties, soaking daily sweat, massive thunderstorms and deluges, fire ants, red mud, and giant moths we had just experienced two days prior (and normal everyday living for many Cambodians and others around the world).
Here, we debrief, offer constructive thoughts and gather one last time for worship and to remember the things we have witnessed God do in Cambodia.

By God’s grace, the team completed four and a half clinic days in two different rural areas in Western Cambodia and attended to over 1000 people’s combined medical, dental and/or optometry needs.  Those who expressed a desire to be prayed for received prayer by Cambodian pastors and translators and our team members and many got to hear about and experience the good news of Jesus for the first time!  As many of you know, we are not “all about the numbers,” but the sheer volume of people responding to the gospel coupled with individual “divine appointments”  made it impossible to miss the obvious: God was on the move. Listening to praises and prayers simultaneously lifted up in Khmer and English in  grateful worship to God two nights ago was the fitting response to such a great mutual experience:  God is good!
And now, in the tidy cafeteria of our Seoul hotel we look around the circle of team members and see how each individual with their unique giftings, talents and temperaments has been “hand picked” (as Xuan would say) by the Lord to serve on this team –  we are also aware that our time together is coming to a close and we will soon disperse back into our “normal” everyday lives…
Where to from here?

We’ll pray that team members exposed to a myriad of sick patients including possible active TB, will stay healthy.
We’ll pray for recovery from jet lag and that the process of reverse culture shock will be insightful.
We’ll remember and pray for the local Cambodian pastors as they follow up with each new believer.
We’ll remember and pray for the Cambodian translators – that they may keep their vibrant faith in the midst of very trying circumstances.

We’ll remember and pray for the Mishlers and other missionaries in the area.
We are thankful to the Lord for all He has done on this mission trip, for new friends, for the encouragement and faithful prayers of our family and friends, for the opportunity to work with the Mishlers and for Lighthouse Christian Church inviting us along on this Spirit-led adventure!

With gratitude,
John and Shari Mayeno

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