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Reflections From Heather Nakamura

Heather's Angkor Wat photo

IMG_2627 - Version 2

The always smiling Heather.

A New Day for Cambodia

After we finished our last days of clinic in Kabien, the team was able to take a day of rest and tour Angkor Wat.  Even though we were tired, we got up early to enjoy the sunrise over the temple.  It was an amazing sight to witness, as we took in the beauty of the sunrise, I reflected on our time in Cambodia.

I realized the highlight of my trip was getting the chance to work with the young translators and pastors who will “cultivate the seeds” we planted during the two weeks we’ve been here.  Though our doctors, dentists, nurses, support team and prayer warriors provided valuable physical and spiritual care for more than 650 people, anything we did will only be temporary.

The real transformation and long-term impact will come from the follow-up provided by the local pastors.  They carefully recorded the names and addresses of each person who made a decision to follow Christ, and will continue to build relationships with them over the days to come.

We also had the honor of “discipling” many young translators, who are pursuing advanced education in medicine, business, ministry, and other fields.  They are the future leaders of Cambodia, with a passion to change their country.

So even though I shed a few tears while saying good-bye to our new friends, I leave with a heart full of hope for this beautiful country.  I’ll continue to pray for each person we touched, and ask God to bring a New Day for Cambodia…

Thanks again for all your prayers and support.  We couldn’t have made this trip without you…

Love in Christ,


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