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Reflections From Xuan Slocum


Xuan, a gifted and passionate evangelist.

On the last day of the medical clinic in Kebin, we experienced the moving of the Holy Spirit vibrate throughout the clinic.

I do not speak the Khmer language so Bunthorn was assigned to help me translate.  We were helping with the intake team, taking vital signs and asking a few question before the patient was to see the doctor for treatment.  As we started the day, we had about one hundred people that returned from the previous day because they could not be seen.  One of the patients was Mrs. Heng Phy; she looked very sad and seemed depressed.  I asked why she appeared so sad?  She could barely be heard as she explained that she lost a nineteen-year-old son the previous month in an automobile accident; he and two friends were riding a moto when there was a head-on collision with a car driven by a drunk driver.  We were moved by her pain so I asked to be excused from intake so we could go to a quieter location.

As we settled under a tree, we were joined by her sixteen-year-old daughter, who had taken time off from school to comfort her mother.  The Lord is gracious in hand-picking each team member to serve Him because I have many loses in my life.  I also have loving friends to help me process my loss.  So I asked her and her daughter about their son/brother; what they missed about him and what he was like.  By then, Pastor Nancy and Kim had joined us to pour love and prayers on them.  There were many tears of love, comfort, and healing that only Jesus can provide.

Then we used the Eternity Bracelet to share the gospel with them.  We shared that our loving God knows their broken hearts and sent us to tell them that Jesus loves them.  They both, with joy and gladness, invited Jesus into their heart and life.  I told them that now they have Jesus in their heart; they are always comforted and cared for.  All they have to do is say, “Jesus, help me, comfort me” when they are hurting.  I also said to the daughter that now she can be at peace to go back to school so she can take better care of her mother in the future.

I also encouraged them to stay in touch with the local pastor and read the Bible.  Jesus is faithful and only He comforts them but also gives them a meaning and purpose to live for Him.

There is not much gospel influence in this area.  Truly, this is a land where people who been sitting in darkness have seen the great Light.


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