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Reflections From Nancy Sugikawa

(A note from your scribe who is lounging by the pool:  As of today, Thursday, all of the medical clinics have been completed;  yesterday we took the slow four-hour bus ride to Siem Riep and and tonight we board our plane for home.  As people have time to reflect and write, and as these are primarily reflections rather than a reporting of events, the posts will not be appearing in chronological order of events, but rather in the order in which they are written.  Read on.)


Nancy, in the center, listening to a pastor who teaches children.  (See post)

328 came to Christ!

Greetings from Cambodia!
We just finished out first week with our mission team and it has been an amazing time!

We arrived in Phnom Penh and spent time with some faithful World Vision staff at the WV main office so dedicated to the transformation of this country.

We visited several Area Development Projects including a small classroom where a pastor teaches children who don’t have access to school, a youth club that is changing lives, a slum community that is dedicated to protecting vulnerable children from being trafficked, and a preschool started and taught by youth who want to encourage young children to go to school. Each area was very poor but the residents are learning to take care of each other and become change agents for their community! We were so inspired by their passion and the love and coaching given by WV staff!

Nine of us also got to meet our WV sponsored child! It was fun for me to meet Sophea who lives with her aunt’s family because get parents had to go to Thailand to find work. After some tentativeness Sophea showed me her fun side as we took goofy photos at the end!

We also were able to visit the office of International Justice Mission, attend their morning devotion and prayer walk around an area where prostitution and human trafficking occur daily. They have worked to help reduce the trafficking of children from 15-30% down to 8% in about 10 years.

We spent the next 2 1/2 days doing medical clinics in a poor rural area where our World Vision sponsored kids live. We saw a total of 650 people and 328 received Christ! Local pastors and church members helped us share the gospel after people received medical, dental or optometry care. Our 20 translators were truly amazing as many of them are evangelists themselves!

The highlight of the trip so far would have to be our time of worship tonight after dinner with Jerry and Wilma Mishler, our missionaries with On the Frontline Ministries. Once we began to sing Open the Eyes of my heart the Holy Spirit filled our hearts as we sang in unison with such love and joy in Christ! One translator shared how she once was very active in her church but had since lost her way in the busyness of life and children. She thought she had lost her gifts of worship and evangelism. But in our clinics she again felt the joy of leading people to Jesus and was so thankful to be part of our prayer team!

God has been so faithful to us, despite the heat and humidity, the unexpected additions to our team from several countries and cultures, and the last minute changes to our plans each day!

Thank you so very much for your prayers for us! We can feel the power of the Holy Spirit uniting us and protecting us–even from several patients who were found to have TB! Please continue to pray for God’s protection, favor and fruitfulness!

Joyful and amazed by His goodness,

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