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Reflections from Kim Nguyen

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Kim, displaying one of the many ways she expressed love for the Cambodian people.


Thank God for calling me to serve the Lord beside the Lighthouse Mission Team in Cambodia.

The first day in Cambodia we visited the World Vision office and also visited some places where World Vision is supporting some Christian volunteer teachers.  By teaching these slum children, the teachers’ ambition is to better the community.  The next day we walked on the sidewalk nearby the Tonle Sap River to pray for the Cambodians and their government.  Let God bless and save them.  On the third day, Wednesday, we visited a pastor who has adopted nine children, giving him a total of twelve.

Then we traveled to Preah netr Preah to hold the medical clinics for two and-a-half days.  I am so happy because there were many people who accepted Jesus Christ.  Some of them had the charms that they tied around their bodies; these were cut by the pastors.  They heard about the Gospel and then they accepted Jesus Christ as their savior.

God’s power is always in control in this world so I have to humble myself before Him more and more because Satan still wants to attack us.  Later, we went to the orphanage that the Mishler’s started to play with the children. While I was standing recording the kid’s activities, suddenly a long snake appeared very close to my foot.  Many translators yelled, “Get out, Kim!”  I looked down at my foot and saw the snake.  Very scared, I ran away.  At the same time, Pastor Mishler cut his toe on a rock.  And also, there are some on our team who got sick.  Although there are small accidents, God is always protecting and covering us.

I serve in the Intake Team.  I I can’t speak the the Khmer language but we have the same language of “love.”  We have our smiles to tell about it.  We show respect to the patients while we serve them.

The first time I stepped inside our bus, I saw the Buddha’s picture hanging in the front of the bus driver.  I prayed that God would save all the drivers who helped us with transportation.  Later, I heard that two of them accepted Jesus Christ.  Thank God.  I know all of the members in our team are always praying for the unbeliever.

We are working together very smoothly as the body of God.  Thank God for providing everything to us.  Thank God for our core medical team that is working very hard.  We pray for them.  God help us to finish the mission trip.  Glorify God.  Amen!


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  1. DMKO says:

    “Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. I always thank God for you because of his grace given you in Christ Jesus. For in him you have been enriched in every way in all your speaking and in all your knowledge.” 1 Corinthians 1: 3-5. I pray God will renew your strength, health and spirit daily. I thank you for being God’s hand and feet in bringing comfort, kindness and hope.


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