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Reflections From Lucy Wang


Lucy (in the purple top) treating a patient.

October 24th, our 2nd clinic day.

We had a really, really busy but great clinic today. I don’t know what our final tally was, but I think we saw well over 200 people, and our patient workflow in the medical clinic was almost non-stop. I got to work as a medical provider along with John M., John S., Anna, and two other physicians in-country named Paolo and Vichet. These two additional physicians both work at Handa hospital in Battambang, which is the hospital John S. had worked at, so it was great to have them on the team.

I was struck with how we were all focused on doing God’s work today, and  in spite of some initial differences in how we practice medicine, we were able to iron out these differences and collaborate together. I was especially blessed to work with two interpreters who were originally supposed to be with the prayer team. They are gifted in evangelism, enthusiastic about ministry, and with them I was able to pray with a couple of patients who were going through a lot. I feel so blessed to have had this privilege.

Even though I’ve been focused on the medical care we are providing, it is most encouraging to hear that people are hearing the gospel and receiving Christ, as well as connecting with local pastors in the area. Most of the ailments we are treating do not have cures, so it reminds me that while we may not have ways to physically heal, people have been experiencing a deeper spiritual healing.

As for prayer requests, please pray for protection and the health of our team members. There have been a few patients who came into the clinic with what we suspect might be tuberculosis, and in general, the days have been long and tiring. That being said, many of us have been asking God for renewed strength and He has provided for us abundantly so far. We will also be traveling to new areas in the next few days, so please pray for our travels as well. It has been so great to have so much prayer support back home, because we are experiencing the fruit of these prayers everyday.


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  1. Steve Mar says:


    I have been praying for you and the Cambodia Team. I am so glad you are able to make time to go on this missions trip. I am sure God has used you and the entire Team to share the Gospel and provide medical services. Have a safe trip home.



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