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Reflections from Jo Ann Akada

October 21, Visit to International Justice Mission (IJM)

Today, we visited the offices of IJM.  It was inspiring to hear more about their work.  I was impressed by the staff’s commitment and passion to help survivors of sex trafficking thrive and fight for justice.  God is so amazing as he calls the right person for the job and provides what they need to bring about change.  We had the chance to prayer walk along the river and lift up requests to God on behalf of the Cambodian people.  We also spent time praying with the staff for some of their present challenges before fellowshipping with them during lunch.

Afterwards, we returned to our hotel to meet up with the 20 translators, pack up our bags and head off on an 8 hour, bumpy bus ride to Si Sophon.  That was challenging in itself but how that were here.  I look forward to tomorrow when I will meet my sponsor child and prepare for the next 2 1/2 days of medical/dental clinic.

Pray for us that our love will be evident and compel those we serve to learn more about Jesus.


October 22, Visit to World Vision Area Development Project (ADP) to meet our sponsor children

Today was a tiring but awesome day. Nine of us split off from the others in our team to visit the ADP and our sponsor children.  It was our day to finally meet our sponsor children and see first hand the work of World Vision that we heard about on our visit to their office on Monday.  (The rest of the team when to Pastor Sokha’s church to do vacation bible school with about 80 children.)


When we arrived at the ADP we were introduced to the children and their families.  We were all a little apprehensive at first but as we talked through our interpreters and spent time getting to know one another, we started to relax and enjoy our time together. Yong Chi drew a picture of a flower for me.  I learned that Yong Chi likes mathematics and likes to play games.  Yong Chi’s dad, Sre Chanthy, is a rice farmer and his wife, Louern Hum, works with him during the busy season.  The little sister, Chhorn Srey Mom, was also present but not the older brother and sister.  I was touched by the humility and gentleness of Yong Chi’s parents.  The father expressed his gratitude several times but I tried to point to God’s goodness as the provider.  The mother was quiet but curious and asked some questions to get to know me.

Yong Chi was happy to receive the gifts that I had brought her as well as those that my friends had given me to give her.  While during the introductions she had to be urged to say a few words, I was so surprised and my heart warmed when she spontaneously said she loved me.

Our time ended with praying for the family and enjoying lunch together. The rest of the busy day was spent visiting 3 World Vision projects —  at a private school, a nutrition program in one of the villages and at a preschool.

Meeting my sponsor child and her family has inspired me to commit to continue building the relationships we started.  I will always hold this day as precious.

Jo Ann

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  1. Karen T says:

    Oh Jo Ann, I LOVED this post! How special it must have been to meet your sponsor child. It brought happy tears to my eyes. 🙂 It must be something indescribable to actually meet her and see how God works when we allow him to use us as a vessel for HIS GLORY!!

    I am happy for you and so very proud to call you my Sister-in-Christ. I know it’s not easy work over there but I admire the faith, perseverance and obedience of not only you but the entire team. You will all be richly rewarded in heaven for sure!

    God bless you all and you are all in my prayers.



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