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Reflections From Anna Sandefur

IMG_2484 - Version 2

Anna is on the left, treating a patient.

We saw 180 patients today in our half day clinic, with one less doctor and several less staff (part of the team left to complete another project of making 40,000 children’s packets. You read that correctly, 40,000!). We had to turn away about 50 patients at the closing of the clinic, but we were able to give them vitamins and have the local pastors pray with them before they left. It has been a blessing to pray with the patients I helped. We left Preah Netr Preah and rode the bus for 2 hours to Battambang.

One of the reasons things have been going so smoothly (besides The Lord!) has been the blessing of an amazing group of Cambodian translators who have such a heart for The Lord and their people. They have served alongside us with energy, compassion, service and joy in The Lord. These young leaders are the future of Cambodia, and we praise The Lord for the blessing of serving with them.

Please continue to pray for us. We are tired. Some of us are starting to get a little sick. We’re exposed to ill patients. We have another week to go. In spite of this, we are having a great time, the bus rides are LOUD with laughter and sharing each other’s faith stories, and people are enjoying serving together. The Lord is good and we praise him for his love and grace.


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