Lighthouse to Cambodia 2014

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A Reflection on an Extraordinary Excursion

A word from Connie Yin.

Today was our first clinic day.  You can say clinic day is pretty much all I thought about before going on my missions trip.  I didn’t picture Phnom Penh the big city, nor did I picture a prayer walk with IJM or anything else…except for clinic day and mosquitos.

As I was doing my morning devotional and praying today, I felt excited and a little anxious.  Kaylene and I were assigned to pharmacy.  We’re nurses, so being in pharmacy was going to be a bit of a challenge, but, as I was praying, God reminded me that “it is His day.”  He was going to bring the people and He was going to bless it.  Again, it is not by my might, but His.

It started off raining, but, praise God, we were at an old school and we had a roof over our heads.  Indeed, God brought the people and we had two hundred people come through.

Pharmacy went smoothly and the day went quickly.  The Cambodian people we saw may be poor worldly, but they are kind and appreciative.  I feel blessed to be able to serve God in Cambodia.  He loves us in Washington, but he also loves his people in Cambodia.  I may be hot and sticky all the time, but God has made my world so much bigger as I meet people who love God and meet more people who are open to God’s love.  I feel so blessed to serve with my brothers and sisters in Christ in Cambodia.


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