Lighthouse to Cambodia 2014

Greetings to all the new followers of this blog.  Your scribe and fellow ordinary mortals appreciate your interest and support in this endeavor.  If you have not done so, it would be helpful to read at least some of the previous blogs, but especially the one entitled How to Pray for a Band of Ordinary People – Part 2.  There will be found a link to a very helpful prayer guide that can be printed on one sheet.  Your scribe found this guide to be quite useful in praying for this venture, but certainly it is also such a comprehensive list that it can be used to pray for many others who are actively seeking to obey Jesus by serving others.

What emotions and feelings does one have while awaiting a flight? A survey was taken of the group and, not surprisingly,  the majority expressed being excited.  But there were also feelings of relief (because all the hard work of planning was completed), tired and hopeful (because one team member’s mother had just gone through surgery and the results of the biopsy were not yet received), nervous (first missions trip in a long time), and anticipation with acceptance.  People also reported being joyful, optimistic, and free (of the responsibilities of home and work).

Your scribe does have a sense of anticipation, but, on a personal level, there is also something that could be not so positive that is lurking in the background, and that is a feeling of disquiet at the prospect of an eleven and-a-half hour flight and then another five hour flight to arrive at our final destination.  It is easy to understand how one’s attitude can take a turn toward the negative.  It is hoped that every aspect of this journey, not just the “missions work” part of it, would be done joyfully and with a sense of service, even the mundane part just getting there.  Your scribe understands that this can sound like the whining of the privileged, especially in light of the sufferings of Paul.  Shipwrecked!  Beatings!  Forty lashes!  Prison!  Flogged!  Stoned!  Cold and naked!  Your scribe is humbled and will stop whining now.

Please pray that we all would be serving those around us, even on our flight, and that we would do so with the joy of Christ.

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