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Commissioning at Lighthouse Church

Commissioning at Lighthouse Church

This photograph was taken during the commissioning of our band of ordinary servants.  A commissioning is a delightful gesture of support from the sending church.  It is a formal acknowledgement that says, “We’re with you.  We’ll be thinking of you.  We’re praying for you.”

The trip is less than a week away and your scribe is filled with a sense of peace about this peregrination; an appropriate response since most people in this band have explicitly stated that they sensed God directing them to make this journey.   This point is worth emphasizing and pondering; God continues to speak to His ordinary people even to this day.  It is a sign of His love that He does so.  And it is comforting to the soul that He does so.

Here is the flight itinerary for most of the band:

Saturday, Oct. 18, 2014

Asiana Air – Flight OZ 0271 (travel time: 11:30)

Departs SEA/TAC        2:20pm

Arrive Seoul                 5:50pm (10/19/14)

Asiana Air – Flight OZ 739 (travel time: 5:40)

Depart Seoul                7:15pm

Arrive Phnom Penh     10:55pm

Please pray accordingly.

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