Lighthouse to Cambodia 2014

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Our Itinerary in Cambodia


Click on that wonderful string of nonsensical letters and numbers and you will see our updated timetable as of this date, which is about five weeks before our departure.  

Of course, this does not reflect all of the work of preparation that needs to take place prior to the trip, and credit must go to our intrepid leaders who have been hard at work planning, organizing, holding meetings, and praying.  One can only imagine the logistical challenges of planning a trip for a party of about twenty-five people; this includes bus and hotel arrangements while in Cambodia, health clinics, children’s program, church visits, and all the other myriad details.  (Hey, eating isn’t on the schedule!  Should one be worried?)  For one who really doesn’t pay attention to details (abhors it, really), your scribe is grateful to those who are accomplished in this area.  

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