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How to Pray For a Band of Ordinary People

We have this blog to let people know what’s happening with us, what has happened to us, and, more importantly, what God is doing.  We also have this blog so that our readers will know how to pray for a band of ordinary people who accepted God’s invitation to travel to a distant land (7,466 miles from Seattle to Phnom Penh, according to Google.)  So, while the trip is still over five weeks away, it never hurts to request prayer straightaway.

And how does one pray for a missions trip?  Diligently, we hope.  But what does one pray for?  Google it!  Seriously, your scribe did that and the first hit was so good, it had to be shared.  This is courtesy of Longhollow Baptist Church, a large Southern Baptist church in Tennessee.  (Your scribe has a deep affection for the Southern Baptists, having attended a Southern Baptist church in Arkansas in his callow youth.)

It is hoped that these suggestions would spur your souls to pray.



  • God would be glorified by EVERY aspect of our trip
  • Each of us, as well as the nationals with whom we work and share

    with would have a personal and powerful encounter with God

  • The unconditional love of God would radiate in and through each

    of our lives

  • God would put a hedge of protection around the entire trip
  •  Satan would be bound from anything that distracts anyone from

    hearing the voice of God in the area where we’ll be sharing

  • All participating on this trip would be sensitive to the leading of the

    Holy Spirit

  • God’s Word would be proclaimed with power and produce life

    change (transformation)

  • God would give us strength and good health through the trip
  • God would protect and provide for family members back home
  • God would give wisdom to those speaking and teaching and

    listening ears to the people we come in contact with during the trip

  • Divine appointments would occur, both with those we share with as well as others

    we might encounter while traveling

  • All team members and translators would be bold and creative in

    sharing our faith

  • We would make quick adjustments to time and cultural changes
  • That revival would break out with people to whom we minister
  • That we would all get along

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